End of the Year Newsletter

It needs to be said that South Africa currently is in an industrial relations nightmare. The Department of Labour appears to have lost the plot!  The spending is skewed in that a massive amount has been set aside to investigate the minimum wage when in fact the inspectorate of the Department of Labour are sorely lacking in every respect.  It is a well-known fact that our laws are often ignored because of the lack of [...]

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Unfortunately, 2015 has been a year of retrenchment.  We as attorneys have been extremely busy dismissing staff across the board for operational requirements.  The economy has not been helpful and nor has the amendments to the Labour Relations Act.  Employers, big and small, have been looking for ways and means of reducing their workforce by mechanising, asking long serving employees to do longer hours and even refusing to invest further in their businesses.  Many employers [...]

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Everyone including all the political parties and even government have said that South Africa’s priority over the next few years must be job creation. Most people agree, especially the economists that job creation will be done by the small business community.  Over and above this, many are referring to sustainable jobs as opposed to those that are created by government with a short life span. The abovementioned is the basics.  From here on there is [...]

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We are all aware that businesses across the board throughout South Africa are in retrenchment mode. Many employers’ especially small businesses are considering restructuring in order to cut down on their biggest cost, which is salary. Unfortunately, these retrenchments are ongoing and are set to quicken over the next few months. I am involved in many of these retrenchment exercises in order to ensure that the process is done properly. What is shocking is what [...]

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I have been involved in advising businesses in the labour relations arena for almost thirty five years.  Every single business that I consult with are not only keen but actively involved in trying to address employment equity.  The real issue is that businesses need to find employees at the right price and who are skilled to perform the task. Not one single business is specifically trying to avoid employment equity or trying to ensure that [...]

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The Department of Labour has implemented the minimum wage schedule, which is applicable as from the 01st July 2015. This is applicable for all industries in the Hospitality Sector and has been gazetted as from the 01st July 2015 for the entire Hospitality Sector. The sector is divided into minimum wages for employers with (ten) 10 or less employees and for employers with more than ten (10) employees. For less than ten (10) employees the [...]

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IT company offers first Work Trial Placement

IT company offers first Work Trial Placement Today, an ASE work seeker started with a trial placement at Castlerock, an IT support company, in Cape Town. A work trial entails the placement of a work seeker with a disability... VIEW ARTICLE

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Every employee in South Africa is entitled to fair treatment and is entitled to all the rights as outlined by our various pieces of labour legislation. Every employee must have a letter of appointment and every employee must be registered for the Unemployment Insurance Fund, Workmen’s Compensation and PAYE. Employees have money deducted from their weekly or monthly wages and salaries and the employees are entitled to the benefits reaped from these deductions. If the [...]

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We are facing the public sector strike and although government has now moved to 6.8%, the Unions are still stuck at 10%. This public sector strike at this stage would be horrendous as the business community has a negative outlook in any event and the foreign investment community are watching our strike situation before they make any investment decisions. The new black economic empowerment codes have now been withdrawn but it is suggested that the [...]

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