Walking on Waves: Freedom Through Unity & a Surfboard

As a person in a wheelchair, I find that ongoing therapies can be extremely emotionally taxing, among other things – something I think all of us, regardless of our ability, can agree on. When an organisation strives to find ways to improve the quality of lives of persons with disabilities, both physically and emotionally, it can be an amazing thing to be a part of. The Walking on Waves initiative endeavours to find ways to bring surfing – [...]

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Learnership Programmes: The Road to Independence

In 1998, the government enacted the Skills Development Act which became the groundwork for organisations such as the Skills Development Training Authority. While several organisations run learnership programmes in South Africa, it is SETA that is ultimately responsible for regulating them, thereby achieving the Development Act’s goals. Altitude Facilities Management, an organisation that assists companies in complying with the national and provincial laws surrounding the employment of disabled persons, works hand-in-hand with Altitude Skills Development [...]

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A lot has transpired in the labour front over the past month.  As everyone is aware, the expert working group on the national minimum wage has made a proposal of three thousand five hundred rand per month as a minimum wage across the board for all employees in South Africa.  This sounds drastic and rather sudden but there is a story behind it, which ameliorates the situation somewhat.  Firstly, this proposal is merely that it [...]

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